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Nature Value Pack


Moments with Birds
Birds are among the greatest wonders of God’s creation. This full-color book gives us at least three reasons: birds are beautiful, they are inspiring, and they are fascinating. The author shares many lessons he has learned from birds. A great gift item for older children and young adults that will teach them about birds, God, and themselves.

Backyard Safari
What can you find on only two acres of land? As you go on a “backyard safari,” you will find an amazing array of life. Read about fifty blanched female insects that add flavor to a German chocolate cake. Learn about the ornate exterminator and its recycling habits and discover what an insect, a dictator, and a car have in common.

My Father’s World
The colorful pages and fascinating photos and stories in this book will inspire in your child a love for nature and a desire to explore God’s wonderful world. As they explore, children will learn about His power, creativity, intelligence, humor, and love.

The Celestial Message
In simple language and splendid photography, this book unveils the mysteries of the universe, providing a wealth of amazing facts. It moves beyond the facts, however, as it explores the heart of a Creator who birthed such enormity, yet cherishes frail humanity. To share with others this encouraging message about God’s greatness, see new quantity discounts below.

Destination Africa
Join Marcellus Beachy on an African safari to see many animals up close through exceptional photography often seen only in expensive magazines. Also learn facts about each animal and marvel at the variety
of God’s creation

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