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Manners are Homemade Series


Caleb’s Cookies and Kittens
When Mr. Waverly comes home from the hospital, Caleb uses his homemade manners to show kindness and consideration to his elderly neighbor. Seeing Mr. Waverly gives Caleb a good idea for naming his kitten.

A Birthday for Caleb
“Manners are homemade, and we want to make good ones,” Mama often says. Caleb tries, but doesn’t always remember his manners. He learns the joy of sharing his fourth birthday.

Someone New at Caleb’s House
Home is where manners are first taught. When Caleb’s baby sister arrives, he gets to practice the homemade manners Mama and Daddy are teaching him. A big brother must be kind and gentle.

Caleb Finds His Treasure
Caleb is working hard to remember to say “please” and “thank you.” When he finds a special treasure in a pile of leaves, he puts it in his pocket for safekeeping. But then he loses the treasure. Will Caleb remember to thank God when it reappears in a very unusual place?

Caleb Finds a Friend
Caleb isn’t sure how to talk to a boy who cannot hear, but Daddy and Mama encourage him to use good manners. When Caleb is friendly, he finds something he has been wishing for.

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Dimensions8.25 × 6 in

Author: Brenda Weaver, Illustrated by: Charity Hoover, Binding: Softcover


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