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Religious Heritage Series


Doctor in Rags
Hutterites are known for their natural medicines and living in Bruderhofs. Michael Bruhn, his sister Gudryn, and their widowed mother live in a castle in Moravia. When a doctor wearing ragged clothing heals Gudryn, Michael thinks he, too, must be a Hutterite. Later, Michael learns that this doctor in rags is the famous physician Paracelsus. Michael is impressed and begins to plan when he can also be a doctor. Then tragedy strikes.

Ink On His Fingers
Johann Gutenberg is working on printing the first Bible with type. Twelve-year-old Hans Dunne works in Gutenberg’s shop as an apprentice printer. Soon, Hans finds himself in the middle of a type-stealing mystery. Will Hans, and the other pressmen be able to keep Herr Fust from getting the type? Will they be able to finish the Bible so many people will be able to read and learn from it?

The Secret Church
Richard lives in Germany and is caught up with the Anabaptists when his cousin Otto shows up seeking refuge. Richard needs help to hide Otto, but can he trust his friend Trudi? Her father hates the Anabaptists and wants to get rid of the whole movement! Join Richard as he helps his family, runs from guards, and decides for himself whether he too wants to join the secret church.

Night Preacher
This story is told through the eyes of Bettje and Jan, children of Menno Simons, who lived almost 500 years ago. Menno Simons was first a Catholic priest who began to understand the Christian life in a different way as he read and studied the Bible. Eventually he became an Anabaptist preacher. It was against the laws of that time for him to preach so Menno’s preaching was done in secret at night to small groups.

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Dimensions8.50 × 5.5 in

Author: Louise A Vernon, Binding: Paperback


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