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Nature Discoveries Five Book Value Pack


A Day at the Zoo
Children can visit the zoo every day as they page through this beautiful book. Featuring gazelles, bears, gorillas, leopards, and many more zoo animals, this book is a special treat.

Wonders in the Sea
Dive into the wonders of discovering the amazing creatures of the ocean. Uncover astonishing similarities to nature below the surface to those that “creep upon the earth.”

Life in the Woods
Did you know a fly’s eye is made up of hundreds of little eyes? Have you ever seen a candy-striped leafhopper, scarlet elfcups, or the details of a crane fly’s wings? Learn about many wonders of God’s creation as you meander through the summer woods in Ohio.

Birds in My Backyard
Bright birds aren’t only in zoos and faraway places—they are also in your backyard, ready to delight you with their feathers and frolics. Children will enjoy the photos and text that invites them to take a nature walk with the writer.

God Made the Marsh
Enjoy a visit to the summer marsh and discover the vibrant plant and animal life there. Observe an unusual water lily and take a close-up look at the eye of a damselfly. Many other marvels wait for you in the marsh.

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Author: Mike Atnip, Binding: Hardcover, Publisher: TGS International


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