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The Amish Frontier Series


Blossoms on the Roof
In 1894, free land is a dream come true for the struggling Yoder family. But how will they build a home in the middle of the North Dakota prairie? God shows His goodness in their difficulties.

The Treasure Hunt
Young Joe Yoder dreams of finding gold when his family moves to Colorado. He meets an old miner who helps him discover what is true treasure.

A Song for the King
Lydia Yoder is thirteen years old when her family moves to Montana. Where does she really belong? The war in Europe is far away, but Lydia learns that while no one is free from the evil of war, Christ’s forgiveness is free for all.

Paradise Valley
When education laws make life difficult, Ben Yoder moves with his family to Mexico, hoping to find freedom to teach his children the truth.

Arrow in the Sky
The Great Depression changed thousands of lives, including the Yoders’. Their rice farm in Arkansas supplied them with food, but money was scarce. Through God’s guidance they found ways to share with hungry families that came to their door.

Steamboat Rock
Thirteen-year-old Hettie longs to see a bear. When the Yoders moved to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, people had warned them about bears. But during the first months at their new home, the only dangers crossing their path were snapping turtles and shingle pigs. When Hettie finally encounters a bear, it’s not quite how she expected.

Storm Song
“Today is the day we disappear.” So said Hettie Yoder to her friend on August 16, 1973. Why would two teenage girls need to disappear? The year 1943 is a tumultuous year for the Yoder family. Far away at CPS camp, Elam is facing challenges too. How should a conscientious objector act when he boards a train full of sneering soldiers? To top it all off, Father ends up in prison! But tumults and storms are the chariots of almighty God; all is in His power.

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Dimensions8.25 × 5.25 in

Author: Rebecca Martin, Binding: Softcover, Publisher: Ridgeway Publishing


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