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Gary Miller five audio books value pack


It’s Not Your Business
How can business owners intentionally pursue the kingdom of God while using their resources wisely? Find ways to keep Christ at the center of your business in a materialistic world.

The Other Side of the Wall
The author applies profound Biblical principles for giving financially in your local community or abroad. Real-life examples make this book enjoyable to read. Applying these principles to your life has the potential to impact many lives.

Going Till You’re Gone
This book encourages Christians to develop and maintain a Kingdom-focused vision throughout life. It helps readers realize the possibilities of a life that is sold out for Christ. Most of all, it is a plea for older folks to live a Kingdom-focused life to the end.

Charting a Course in Your Youth
Helping youth develop a Christ-centered focus early in life, especially in finances, is the focal point of this book. Gary points youth to foundational Biblical truth with captivating stories.

Kingdom-Focused Finances for the Family
This book directs the reader to make Biblically sound decisions about life and finances. It contains a practical nuts-and-bolts approach to Christian finances. The author points to principles that matter now and for eternity.

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Narrated by: Gary Miller, Author: Gary Miller, Publisher: TGS International


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You save $15.95! Includes five audio sets: Kingdom-Focused Finances for the Family, Charting A Course in Your Youth, Going Till You’re Gone, The Other Side of the Wall, and It’s Not Your Business.


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