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Early Classic Series, nine book value pack


Helen’s Temper
Helen is a well-liked, bright girl who attends Sunday school regularly. But when God brings poor Louisa into her life, Helen’s hidden pride and selfishness erupt in a fury that brings suffering to both. Will her evil deed one day be discovered? Will the consequences of her anger never end? Originally printed in 1872.

Robert Hardy’s Seven Days
Mr. Hardy had one supreme law that he obeyed, and that law was self. After a dream, Mr. Hardy became convinced that his death was imminent and set out to redeem his remaining days. Follow Robert’s journey and be inspired to live each day fully. Originally printed in 1899. By the author of In His Steps.

Little Aggie’s Fresh Snowdrops & Little Violet
This 2-in-1 Early Classic was originally published in 1871. Follow the journey of Little Aggie’s Fresh Snowdrops as they leave the forest and brighten and comfort young hearts along the way. In Little Violet, a self-centered young girl learns a secret from the purple violets that turns her sadness into joy and transforms her life.

Saved By Love
Through an orphan friend’s love, words, and example, Elfie learns about a loving Father in heaven and is saved from her lonely, wretched existence on the streets of London. Originally published in 1895.

The Woodcutter of Gutech
When the Reformation sweeps across Germany, a woodcutter and his grandchildren hear the story of Jesus’ sacrifice and realize that salvation does not come through performing penance and confessing to the priests. Originally published in 1873.

Sophy Claymore
A blind orphan girl, adopted by a kind man, flounders in her faith in God. Poverty haunts their footsteps until an unexpected answer turns up. Will Sophy learn to trust at last? Originally published in 1877.

Nelly’s Dark Days
Young Nelly knows her father only as a man enslaved in the savage grip of strong drink. Only when he turns to God for deliverance do Nelly’s dark days become bright. Originally published in 1870.

The Shepherd of Bethlehem 
Through an unexpected turn of events, a small, motley audience listens as a clergyman lectures on the life of David, the shepherd-king. The story follows the lives of several listeners and their responses  to the Bible message. An excellent classic! Originally published in 1877.

The Hermit’s Christmas
An intriguing story set in the Middle Ages. As a hermit teaches his visitors the true meaning of Christmas, he is forced to examine his own heart.Originally published in 1912.

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Publisher: TGS International


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You save $12.87! when you buy Helen’s Temper by Mrs. George Gladstone, Robert Hardy’s Seven Days by Charles M. Sheldon, Little Aggie’s Fresh Snowdrops & Little Violet by F.M.S., Saved By Love by Emma Leslie, The Woodcutter of Gutech by W. H. Kingston, Sophy Claymore by A.L.O.E., Nelly’s Dark Days by Sarah Smith, The Shepherd of Bethlehem by A.L.O.E., and The Hermit’s Christmas by David de Forest Burrell.


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