Christmas Carol Kauffman six book value pack


One Boy’s Battle
The true story of Millard Gingerich who enlisted in the army and faced a raging battle within himself. You will rejoice at the decision he makes.

For One Moment
Herbe Engelhardt is sucked into a swirling vortex of emotional confusion when his parents divorce. Embittered, Herbe meets a crisis and in that moment, his destiny is determined. Based on the life of a boy who grew up in Nazi Germany.

Hidden Rainbow
John and Anna Olesh, raised in a solid Catholic community, face severe censure when John leaves for America to make money. They suffer persecution when they come to know God. But through all their trials, they learn that when God moves, nothing can stand in His way.

Light From Heaven
Joseph’s father showed little concern for his wife and children, yet he portrayed himself as flawlessly pious to those outside the family. But a devout mother bridged the gap—loving, teaching, and praying for her children. Joseph’s heavenly Father helped him rise above his circumstances.

Lucy Winchester
As a girl, Lucy yearned for spiritual fellowship, but her father opposed religion. This true story of Lucy’s lifelong spiritual quest is set against the backdrop of two difficult marriages and many sorrows, broken promises, alcoholism, and poverty. From the joy of learning to know Christ as her Saviour, Lucy stumbled through years of spiritual ignorance and despair until she found peace in Christ again. Her story reflects the goodness of God, patiently leading the thirsty to living water.

Not Regina
Regina Strahm found herself caught between two religious factions. Her parents repeatedly warned her against Anabaptist heresy, but why then did Zwingli’s official religion fail to satisfy her spiritual emptiness? And why were the Anabaptists willing to die for their faith? Regina discovered why, and found a joy she had never known. Set in Switzerland during the seething unrest of the 1500s.


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You save $6.45! Includes 6 titles: One Boy’s Battle, For One Moment, Hidden Rainbow, Light From Heaven, Lucy Winchester, and Not Regina.


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