Rebecca Martin Heritage Series


A Captain for Hans
Hans Miller, a teenager, longs someday to become a captain in the Swiss Army. But his Anabaptist neighbors speak of a different army and its Captain. What should he do?

The Brickmakers
Six painful weeks have passed since Peter’s minister father was rudely torn from his life by Anabaptist hunters. How will Peter and his family survive amidst the hardship, betrayal, and hopelessness of 16th century European Anabaptism?

Follow Me
Twelve-year-old Daniel Miller hardly knew how to feel about his parents’ plans. Would they really cross the ocean to the land of William Penn? What an exciting idea! Yet, Daniel likes his snug home in the German Palatinate. An ocean voyage looks scary.

Clyde the Rebel
Young Peter Miller sees his parents’ faith being tested by unreasonable officials. Peter is also tested when his cherished colt is lost to the claims of war and his family’s possessions are confiscated. Ultimately, he is confronted with the question: Will you be a soldier of Christ?

Freedom’s Star
The Peter Miller you met in Clyde the Rebel is now a wealthy farmer who wants to make a new home for his family in Canada. The Bolger family also wants to move to Canada, but they are fleeing the cruel oppression of slavery in Virginia. Will they arrive safely?

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Dimensions8.5 × 5.5 in

Author: Rebecca Martin, Binding: Softcover


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