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David Bercot~ Four Book Value Pack


Plain Speaking
This book takes the reader through all the steps of developing and delivering an effective sermon or devotional, including using illustrations, rousing introductions and conclusions, making eye contact with your listeners, and controlling speaker’s fright.

The Kingdom That Turned The World Upside Down
Bercot takes the reader back to Jesus’ teachings of the kingdom—teachings that have too often been forgotten. Bercot describes the radically new laws of the kingdom and its upside-down values. There’s no room in Christ’s kingdom for superficial Christianity, for this is a kingdom that has historically turned the world upside down.

In God We Don’t Trust
The compelling narrative of the founding of America, told from a perspective that few people have ever heard—the kingdom of God. America’s currency declares, “In God We Trust,” but did the American colonists truly trust in God in the founding of the United States? Bercot’s well-documented findings will surprise many people.

Secrets of the Kingdom Life
Written to make the reader hungry for a deeper walk with Christ. David Bercot shows the reader how to have a powerful devotional time with God each day and then to remain in communion with God throughout the day.

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Author: David Bercot


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You save $5.80 when you buy Plain Speaking, In God We Don’t Trust, The Kingdom That Turned The World Upside Down, and Secrets of the Kingdom Life.


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