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Loreen Plett 4 Book Value Pack


The Miner’s Song
Mining meant everything to Ramón but one night his life took a tragic turn, and he sank into a pit of despair and bitterness. In the hospital, songs about Jesus and hope swept through this lonely heart. This is the wonderful story of two desperate souls, and how a merciful God used one of them to bring grace, peace, and a song to the other.

Returning Home
Based on historical accounts, Returning Home follows the life of Johann Plett, born in Prussia in 1765, son of a wealthy landowner and heir to an estate so vast he could not survey it all in a day’s ride. Johann’s harrowing journey leads him to a decision he must make that would affect his family for generations to come.

Crossing the Distance
Journey with Knals Plett from  his close-knit Mennonite village  in Russia, across the cold  Atlantic, to the New World.  Times of crisis test his faith  and convictions and threaten  to tear his world apart. Will  he be able to “cross the distance” created by his  own stubborn will? Based on historical accounts.

Secret Shadow
By all appearances Lawanda’s father was a conscientious Christian and dedicated family man, but this carefully cultivated image was far from the truth. Lawanda knew all too well what her father was really like. Living in the dark and secret shadow of her father’s abuse and hypocrisy, Lawanda suffered silently, nursing a terrible load of anger and rebellion. Though not for children or young teens, this true story offers hope to older teens and adults living with dark secrets or struggling to accept the restoration and peace found under the shadow of the Almighty.


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You save $5.20 when you by Returning Home, Crossing the Distance, Secret Shadow and The Miner’s Song.


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