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3 Inspirational Books


Tanya was devastated. Could the report be true? She knew her papa had drinking problems—but a murderer? Growing up in Ukraine, Tanya faced one crisis after another. Would the drinking, yelling, and stress never end? Was there no way to peace? 16 page full-color photo section

Anna’s Courage
It was a summer to remember. First the bull, then Gypsies, then the lard. This story takes us to Alberta, Canada, during the time of the Great Depression. Follow 11-year-old Anna as she meets challenges and learns the meaning of the word courage.

The Gift in My Hands
What is it like to be a single woman in our churches? What struggles do they face? What encouragement helps? What is better left unsaid? This book, containing stories of single women in various walks of life, is for single ladies or anyone seeking to better understand God’s call to singlehood.

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