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There’s Got to Be More


Reuben and Mary Ann enjoy their daily routine but often wonder, “Is there more to life?” After a traumatic accident, they receive a new vision of the world which takes them on a lifelong journey to bring hope to disabled and needy people.


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Publisher: TGS International, Pages: 378, Author: Melissa Eby, Publish Date: June 2015, Binding: Softcover, Size: 6 x 9, ISBN: 9781941213698


Softcover, Mobi (Kindle), ePub

2 reviews for There’s Got to Be More

  1. Anon

    This book is a stirring, true account of God using someone with severe physical limitations to share His love with countless hurting people. It’s a good reminder that there is something we all can do, whatever age and whatever our limitations. I would recommend this inspiring story to everyone who has asked himself the question, “Is there more?”

  2. Vickie Howe

    “There’s Got to Be More” is excellent for family reading. It is wonderful to read by the fire on a cold night at home or to pack in your backpack as you start off across the globe to serve the needy.
    Reuben and Maryann are ordinary Christians with an extraordinary obedience quotient. Melissa Eby shows that they have made the decision to say “Yes!” to God whenever He asks, no matter how complicated the situation. Early in their marriage, a tragedy became the key God used to open doors for ministry around the world. This key also enabled them to walk into places no foreigners were allowed to go. The book will encourage you to live more wholeheartedly for the Lord. It is riveting; Melissa Eby is an excellent writer who makes mundane details come alive. I sincerely hope she will write many more books.

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Reuben and Mary Ann enjoy their daily routine but often wonder, “Is there more to life?”

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