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Happy Day Farm Series


A Song for Wooster
Wooster the rooster lives on Happy Day Farm. He really wants to learn how to sing. But things don’t go well as he tries to imitate the other creatures on the farm. At last he learns from his father to sing his own song. Fully illustrated, this book is eye appealing and educational for your children.

Bart the Bully Goat
Bart learned the hard way to not be a bully. His antics, captured in delightful illustrations, will keep your young children turning the pages.

Mr. Pepper Hurries
Mr. and Mrs. Pepper live on a farm with their two children, Pepito and Polly. Follow Mr. Pepper and his family though a day on the farm. Mr. Pepper hurries to feed the cows, pigs, horses, and goats. He hurries through breakfast. But his hurrying stops when his tractor won’t start. Delightfully illustrated. Another book in the Happy Day Farm Series.

Hamlet the Hog
Hamlet was a very clever piglet that lived with his mother, five brothers, and one sister on Happy Day Farm. He snorted and snuffled, grunted and grubbed, and slopped and slurped. But what he loved most was his puddle. And it was the puddle that taught him a valuable lesson.

A Friend for Nelda
The Pepper family brought long-eared Sparkle to Happy Day Farm to be a friend to Nelda the horse. Nelda did not care at all for Sparkle and made life difficult for her. What could Sparkle do to become Nelda’s friend?

Polly’s Birthday Party
Polly has a birthday, and Sparkle the donkey is right in the middle of everything. Does Sparkle like ice-cream cones? A few children, an eager donkey, and a poor cart can quickly bring excitement to children and parents.

Nosy Miss Bianca
Miss Bianca is a brown cow that lives on Happy Day Farm. She is friendly and good-looking—but she has a problem. She is nosy and always getting into mischief. Will Miss Bianca ever learn her lesson?

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