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Witnessing Value Pack



Value pack includes:
EN1011 Gospel of John (5)
EN1025 English 25 Favorite Stories from the Bible (5)
EN1019 KJV Compact Large Print Bible—Imitation leather (2)
EN1026 KJV New Testament paperback (4)
EN3204 Why, God, Why? (1)
EN3158 What Is the Bible? (4)
EN3135 How Can Anyone Say God is Good? (4)
EN3094 Jesus Really Said That? (4)
EN3066 When Others Make Your Life Difficult (4)
EN3050 Created With Purpose (4)
MU1019 Amazing Love CD in envelope (5)
MU1010 Amazing Grace CD in Envelope (5)
MU1012 Jesus is Calling You CD in envelope with tract (5)
MU1015 Tell Me the Story of Jesus in envelope with tract (5)
MS1034 What the Bible Says About Homosexuality Tract (5)

EN3195 The Matthew Challenge

EN3173 The Divorce and Remarriage Dilemma

EN3243 What is Truth?



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