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4 New Children Books


Comfort One Another
What is it like to be a comforter that is shipped to a needy family? This delightful book takes you on a journey—from a cotton plant to a hut in Africa. Young readers will be inspired to bless others.

The Habit Hunt
What is a habit? Does it live in the barn? Or maybe hide under the bed? Curtis and Violet go hunting for a habit,
only to discover that a habit is not a creature after all. Full-color illustrations

Nosy Miss Bianca
Miss Bianca is a brown cow that lives on Happy Day Farm. She is friendly and good-looking—but she has a problem. She is nosy and always getting into mischief. Will Miss Bianca ever learn her lesson?

Stories of Jesus Sticker Puzzles
Sticker fun with Bible stories! Read a Bible story, then fill in the picture for the story using sticker tiles. This is a book that allows your children to have fun with stickers while also helping them learn more about stories in the Bible. Ten stories and puzzles. Ages 4+

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