Green Meadow Series


Jasper’s Secret
Jasper the puppy was lonely. He chased mice, but he was still lonely. He chased fish, but he was still lonely. Then Jasper found a friend, another baby that wanted to play. It was Jasper’s secret. A true story, fully illustrated.

Little Pony
Children will love the true story of Little Pony: the places he went, the things he did, and the children who loved him. What excitement he caused when he visited school and played ball!

Blue Hen and Her Babies
Blue Hen is the delightfully true story of a hen who enjoyed being a mother to ducks, guineas, and to anything else she could hatch. Fully illustrated, this book is eye appealing and educational for your children.

Heather the Sheep
Heather was afraid when she came to her new home. What would happen to her now? But Heather had nothing to worry about. The shepherd was there to help her. One cold winter morning Heather had a BIG surprise for the shepherd. Two surprises! Heather was happy and so was the shepherd.

Sam and His Friends
Sam was a friendly Golden Retriever with lots of friends. He enjoyed his friends and even tried to “talk” to them. Sam liked everyone and everyone liked Sam. Well, almost everyone. Fully illustrated.

Blackie the Crow
Blackie the crow teased the dog, he teased the cats, and he teased visitors. He even picked beans, but he picked them out of the bucket, not out of the garden. Blackie followed the children to school one day. What a surprise to see him there! This true story will delight young children.

Sally Anna Is Curious
Sally Anna is a frisky goat who always sticks her curious little nose into things. Follow her as she watches a cat hunt snakes, plays with a puppy that wears a cast, and gets trapped in a flood. What will she see next?

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