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The Great Book Series 3-Book Value Pack


A Single Page Brooke Brubaker, Illustrated by Lana Kuhns
How excited Andrew is when Grandfather asks him to accompany him on the long wagon ride to the Ephrata Cloister. He can hardly believe he will finally get to see the printing press and the great Martyr Book he has heard so much about. Follow Andrew’s adventurous trip and learn how the gift of a single page from the Great Book changes the way he responds to those who mistreat him.

Clouds of War -Elsie Singmaster, Illustrated by Lana Kuhns
Clouds of war rolled over the Cloister where the Martyrs Mirror was being printed. A knock was heard on the door. It was the soldiers, and they demanded that unbound copies of the Martyrs Mirror be handed over for the military to use as gun wadding. Would a book that extols the virtues of non-resistance be conscripted into the military to be used to kill?

Samuel’s ChoiceAnne Hilty Illustrated by Lana Kuhns
Samuel learns about nonresistance when the soldiers take all their food. As the community opens their home to wounded soldiers, it slowly dawns on Samuel that Christ does not expect him to do nothing. A great reward comes when some of the Martyrs Mirrors confiscated by the military are bought back.

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Publisher: TGS International


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