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Gospel sign kit


As ancient Israel had scripture on their door post, so we can display the Gospel on our front lawn to challenge and motivate ourselves and a lost world. These affordable Gospel signs sow the
seed so God can give the increase. The signs witness to travelers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in sunshine, rain, or snow.

Gospel sign kit includes: White, durable vinyl post; sign brace; sign support; end caps; decorative ball cap; hardware; white, durable poly sign frame; one sign of your choice.

Gospel sign mailbox kit includes (DOES NOT INCLUDE MAILBOX): White, durable vinyl post; sign brace; end caps; decorative ball cap; mailbox support; brace; mounting board for standard-sized mailbox; hardware; white, durable poly sign frame; one 18″ x 24″ sign of your choice.

An oversize charge of $25 per kit will be added to these items in addition to the 10% shipping.

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Gospel sign kit, Gospel sign mailbox kit


Jesus is coming! Are you ready? Read John 14:3, You must be born again. Read John 3, Bound by sin? Jesus Christ brings freedom! Read John 8, Jesus calms troubled hearts. Read John 14, Jesus is the Way, the Truth, the Life. Read John 14:6, Jesus is the ONLY way to God. Read John 14:6, Peace is knowing Jesus. Read John 14:27, Read the Bible. It is God speaking. Read Romans 10:17, Seek God with your whole heart. Read Matthew 6:23, The price for sin is death. Jesus saves! Read Romans 6:23, Where will you spend eternity? Read Hebrews 9:27, With Christ, life is worth living! Read Romans 6


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