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Children’s Books Value Pack


Something Extra for Ryanne
Ryanne has something special, something extra that most people don’t have. What could it be? Follow her for one day as she eats breakfast, goes to school, feeds the chickens, and goes to church. A cute book to introduce children to God’s special ones! Full-color photo book

Sally Anna Is Curious
Sally Anna is a frisky goat who always sticks her curious little nose into things. Follow her as she watches a cat hunt snakes, plays with a puppy that wears a cast, and gets trapped in a flood. What will she see next? A Green Meadows Series book.

Sarah Weaver
As she grew older, Sarah began to realize that her weakening muscles were changing her life. Rather than focusing on her handicaps, she prayed that God would show her how to honor Him with her paintbrushes. He answered with The Broad and Narrow Way painting, which continues to speak long after Sarah’s death. For young readers. Full-color illustrations

Hetty’s Secret
One morning Hetty and her egg were nowhere to be found. But after breakfast, she was back in her pen! When the same thing happened the next day, Rebekah decided to follow Hetty to find out where she was going. Based on a true happening, this delightful story will warm your heart and strengthen your faith. Full-color illustrations

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